Scott Wiener’s Statement on Swift-Boat Attacks

In the last few weeks, you may have received swift-boat attacks on me via mail, phone, and email.  These false attacks run the gamut — claiming that I will repeal rent control, that I took a huge check from a Republican landlord, that I will close hospitals, that I will cut HIV services, that I am a closet Republican comparable to George Bush and Meg Whitman, and that I favor deporting immigrant children.

It’s unfortunate when one’s opponents get desperate enough to launch these kinds of false attacks.

Here’s the truth:


I support rent control.  I actively campaigned against Prop 98, which would have repealed rent control.  The head of the Tenants Union said that I have a “pro-tenant voting record” on the Democratic County Central Committee.  Thus, the attacks claiming that rent control will somehow be repealed if I am elected, and that people will lose their homes, are false.  This is a desperate scare tactic that has no basis in reality.


Another false attack is the claim that I accepted a $225,000 contribution from Thomas Coates, who sponsored Prop 98, which would have repealed rent control.  As noted above, I campaigned against Prop 98.  More important, I NEVER ACCEPTED A PENNY FROM MR. COATES.  This claim is an outright lie.


Here’s the most absurd and over the top claim — that I am somehow aligned with Republicans.  I am a lifelong Democrat and served as Chairman of the San Francisco Democratic Party.  Under my leadership, we rebuilt the party and registered 15,000 voters.  I also co-chaired the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club, served on the California Democratic Party Executive Committee, and worked hard to elect Democrats across the country.  I am proud to have the support of Democratic leaders like Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Senator Mark Leno, and Mayor Gavin Newsom.


Another lie is that my election will somehow result in the closure of Davies Medical Center and St. Luke’s Hospital and that I will cut funding for HIV/AIDS services.  Again, this is a lie.  I have fought for years to create health care access.  I supported Healthy San Francisco, our city’s universal health care plan.  I’ve advocated for funding for HIV services and have protested when the Governor cut that funding.  I am committed to our community hospitals, including Davies Medical Center, which is my own neighborhood hospital.  As a gay man who has lost friends to HIV and has friends living with the disease, I find it despicable that political operatives would level these false charges.


I am a strong supporter of our immigrant communities.  Immigrants in San Francisco contribute significantly to our economic and cultural life.  No one respects our immigrant neighbors more than I do.  I am proud to have the endorsements of the janitors union (SEIU Local 87) and United Healthcare Workers West.  These unions are primarily comprised of immigrants.  I support San Francisco’s sanctuary policy — a policy that protects our immigrant families.  What I do not support is extending that policy to people who commit crimes.  I stand by that position.  The claim that I am against sanctuary is simply false.


Elections create pressures to win at all costs.  Ethical campaigns resist this temptation and tell the truth — focusing on the differences on issues among the candidates.  Desperate campaigns lie.  Join me in rejecting my opposition’s swift-boat tactics.


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